• Swagger Vets and Double Moon

    SWAGGER VETS and DOUBLE MOON – White Fence

      It only seemed natural to release the first song second after putting the last one up first. That, and because it was the most straight forward edit to get done. Here we have the set opener shot in Super 8 film, a song titled Swagger Vets and Double Moon. I really dig Tim’s style. […]

  • White Fence - Harness

    HARNESS – White Fence

    This was definitely a wild night. Cinco de Drinko. There was a high probability that a better majority of the folks in the crowd had already put a solid eight-hour effort into celebrating the independence of our southern neighbors by the time Tim and White Fence took the stage around ten o’clock. Tim and his […]

  • Change Today

    CHANGE TODAY: The Texas Organic Connection

    Here’s a short documentary I co-wrote and Produced with director Angelo Mei. It exposes an unlikely relationship between the global surf community and a group of organic farmers in Texas. hankfilm.com angelomei.com billabong.com

  • Only A Surfer Knows The Feeling


    This commercial featuring Andy Irons was part of a series of Fall Season commercials produced and directed for Billabong using their classic, original tagline.

  • Infinite Arms

    INFINITE ARMS – Band of Horses

    A teaser for Band of Horses’ Grammy Nominated Album ‘Infinite Arms’. Produced, Directed, Filmed & Edited by Jarrod Tallman Photography by Christopher Wilson, Sandlin Gaither, Jarrod Tallman Animation by Mavis Media and Jarrod Tallman

  • Broccoli For Me


    Hank Williams Rough-n-Tough S.O.B. makes his acting debut in this short film about next to nothing.

  • Still Filthy


    Take 53 cameramen, 2 years of filming the best surfers in the world across every continent on earth, throw in 16 badass songs, slap in some random graphics, shake it violently and you get Billabong’s new surf film ‘STILL FILTHY’ directed by Jarrod Tallman. Still Filthy is the award winning sequel to the 1989 cult […]

  • No One's Gonna Love You

    NO ONE’S GONNA LOVE YOU – Band of Horses

    Some love it, some hate it. It’s been called amazing, beautiful, a brodeo/gay love story, and even ‘the most disappointing video of 2008′. I like it.

  • Mundaka


    A thousand year old Basque fishing village reflects on the changes brought about by the introduction of surfing in the early 70’s. Now, 30 years since the first surfers arrived, the village of Mundaka plays host to one of surfing’s biggest events on the World Championship Tour. How the town people cope with the transformation […]

  • Frothing


    Frothing showcased the most promising upcoming Billabong team-riders from around the globe. With ground-breaking first-time featured sections, the film opened the eyes of the surfing world to Kolohe Andino, TJ Barron, Wade Goodall, Laurie Towner, Sterling Spencer and Jordy Smith. Filmed in Central America, Australia, Indonesia and Hawaii. Cut to music by Trail of Dead, […]

WHITE FENCE - Chop Suey - Seattle, WA

WHITE FENCE PHOTOS – Seattle, WA – 05/05/2012

I really dig Tim Presley’s solo project that is WHITE FENCE. Here’s what I managed to pull together for photos from the show at Chop Suey in Seattle on Cinco de Drinko.


Chop Chop

I picked up a new Canon 814 XLS a while back, like a year ago. Finally got around to shooting a couple test rolls the other day when I had to split some wood and, well, here it is.


Hank and Merle Running Wild

Wow. So it’s been way too long since I’ve posted anything up here. We’re getting back in the swing of things though so hopefully we can keep the various things and stuff coming, or going… Anyhow… I was listening to this Willy Mason record the other day and had an idea for a video for […]


Time-lapse of Earth from Space

Check out this timelapse movie that the crew of the international space station took… Just amazing. I’m speechless. Many more here. Enjoy Video courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center